Saturday, 20 July 2013

Makeup Mouse: My First experience of OCC Liptars

So recently in a Facebook makeup group I am part of, One of the girls decided to organise some decants of liptars, were she would order them and decant into jars for the girls who signed up.

I had never tried lip tars but was always curious to try but as they are $18 each and I live in Ireland, it was going to end up expensive to test them.

So I signed up, I will post pics when I get them in the meantime two of the lovely ladies in the group offered to help a girl out.

I got one set of them on Thursday and yes I have pics for y'all.

OCC Lip Tar Hush

OCC Lip Tar Trollop

OCC Lip Tar Anime

Please ignore the allergic reaction post infection that is on my face.  It's healing so soon I will look normal again. One hopes. 

Big shout out to Jess, Cin and Samantha, You ladies are amazing.

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  1. Hush looks gorgeous!!! I may have to check it out! Thanks for posting this!!