Monday, 15 July 2013


Having friends means rarely having lie ons.

Let me explain, I mentioned before about acquiring a large pool of friends through another friend last October, While this is incredible, it is also a completely new experience for me.

Since getting more and more "assimilated" into this group, I have been invited to more and more activities. SOOOOOO Many awesome activities.

This however means less time to sleep and cave.

Caving is what I call it when I stay in my bedroom most of the weekend, watching tv, reading or doing crafts but generally by myself. Alone time if you will.

Last two weekends I planned on caving but didn't end up managing to. Mind you I had a great time with friends both weekends, so what am I complaining about you ask?

Well not much, I enjoyed it, I realise that I am tired, I accept that I am nearly always tired. My sleeping pattern is the pits, Not at all helped by this super weather we are having in Ireland at the moment.

It is on average 24 degree Celsius the last few week and even hit 29 the other day.

We as a nation are not used to this, It also means that people go out wearing next to nothing.

I find it quite amusing what people deem appropriate to wear out in public, in broad daylight, in Ireland.

Anyway I digress. Friends = awesome and I am so grateful to have them.

So here is an apology for being narky and moody, I am just having some issues lately. Financial and Familial. Being guilt tripped, under appreciated, disregarded and not seen for you is hard.

People need to accept that I am doing my best and I don't want to feel bad about wanting to spend time with my friends or buy the occasional tshirt/comic/book.

However my mom is home from America soon for a visit, yay and stuff.

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  1. I second the yay and stuff, although we might all be caving and stuff. :)