Monday, 31 October 2011

Pearl Jem, Halloween and Latex.

Now as the title suggests, this is not a naughty post. ha. More a rundown of a hectic weekend.

As I lie here is bed, propped up at the only angle where my neck doesn't cause me serious pain, I still consider my weekend great.

After work on Friday, Myself and a friend decided to go shopping. Where I spent way too much yet again in a damn MAC store but I digress.

After some much needed retail therapy, we headed to KFC where I'll admit I could live.

My love for KFC is only slightly overshadowed by my love of TV, Nail polish, Make up and Corey Taylor.

After deciding I just had to get the largest Boneless bucket they had we headed home. Where I dutifully shared my KFC Feast with Si.

For some reason Saturday morning I woke up quite early but decided to be lazy and watch tv. Si came home from work and we went to see Pearl Jem a really good Pearl Jam cover band.

The gig was great. Me and some friends danced and headbanged our way through the night like the world was gonna end.

Cut to Sunday morning, Enter Mr. Hangover and Mr. Stiff Neck.

I spend nearly a half hour in a scalding hot shower trying to loosen out my neck muscles.

I then proceed to turn myself from
 this.......        to this...

and my god if that latex wasn't a nightmare to take off.

So the group of friends headed out, danced, ate and drank the night away.

I ended up in a residents bar until the wee hours.

On my way home meet some of the weirdest costumes I have ever seen.

Cut to this morning. Welcome back Mr. Hangover, Can't say I'm happy your hear.

Apparently Mr Stiff Neck met up with Mr. Pain and Mr. Muscle Lock and they were now partying it up from my shoulder blades to the base of my skull.

So stiff. Would I do it again, Oh Yes!! It was a great weekend.

Well worth the pain and the slight pink and red overtones on my face neck and arms from where I am completely stained from fake blood and my allergic reaction to Latex.

Anyway I have realised that this post is ridiculously long, So I will sign off and talk to you soon.


Thursday, 27 October 2011

SOT - 27/10/11

Todays Mood: Tired, Hard to unglue myself from bed the last few days,

Annoyance of the Day: Stack of work on my desk.
Laugh of the Day:Accidentally touching a sleeping Si's foot while getting ready for work, His whole body spasmed like i'd burnt him lol
Song of the Day: Moon River - Can't get it out of my head Thank you HART OF DIXIE
Word of the Day: Shenanigans
Swear of the Day: Shit

Last thing I ate: Popcorn
Last tv show watched: I watched a few but the one I recall most is Hart of Dixie with Hawaii Five-o a close second, Who doesn't love Wade(Hart of Dixie) and McGarrett(Hawaii Five-o) NOM. Especially in this weeks episode.
Book I'm Reading:One Foot in the Grave - Jeaniene Frost
Time of Removal from Bed this morning: 8:30am UCK

Overall thoughts for today: Is it bad that really want more Naps, So tired this week.

Hot Characters and the Hot actors who play them.

So first of all I would like to say all of the below pictures are courtesy of Google Images.

Now on to the good stuff.

I have compiled a list of my fav characters from the most recent shows I am watching.

Picked not only because the Actors playing them are delicious but also because their characters are so great.

Starting a Number 10: Detective Marty Deeks played be Eric Christian Olsen. From the show NCIS L.A

A detective for the LAPD but liasion for the NCIS, He meshs well with the team whilst making jokes and innuendo at his partner Agent Blythe. I hope something happens between them.

Number 9 Detective Danny 'Danno' Williams played by Scott Caan. From the show Hawaii five - o

Is partners with Mc Garrett and despite really disliking him in the early episodes for getting him shot at numerously, There are friends now and work very well together.

Number 8 'Very' Special Agent Anthony DiNozzo played by Michael Weatherly. From the Show NCIS

The Movie referencing funny man of NCIS, Ladies man, but will do pretty much anything for a member of his team. Mostly Ziva, Hot x mussad agent. Definitely some sparks there.

Number 7 Anaylist Eric Beale played by  Barrett Foa. From the show NCIS L.A

Is an anaylist for the team, He is witty, and when they brought in the new character Nell, 'Eric' wasn't very happy but now they gel so well they finish each others sentences. Aw Love in the horizon I hope so.

Number 6 Detective 'G' Callen played by Chris O'Donnell. From the show NCIS L.A

Callen, or 'G' as his friends call him, knows very little of his past, while trying to discover who he is, he solves crime with his merry band of crime fighters (Sorry couldn't help a Batman reference)

Number 5 Tyler Lockwood played by Michael Trevino. From the show The Vampire Diaries

Tyler was a smaller Character in earlier episodes who has been brought more and more into the fold more recently. With a family secret and a Vampire girlfriend, he's sure to get into some trouble.

Number 4 Jeremy Gilbert played by Steven R. McQueen. From the show the Vampire Diaries

Jeremy went from baby brother to OMG Hot between Season 1 and 2. He is a great character who has some secrets of his own.

Number 3 Wade Kinsella played by Wilson Bethel. From the show Hart of Dixie

Wade- the love-able next door guy, Maybe not to Zoey Harte as he soaks up most of their electricity and winds her up every chance he gets. There is an attraction between them though. I hope this become more as the season progresses.

Number 2 Commander/Detective Steve Mc Garrett played by Alex O'Loughlin. From the show Hawaii Five-o

A Military man Mc Garrett, gets back into him home town after his father is murdered. While trying to solve his fathers murder, he and some friends solve crime in the picturesque Hawaii.

And Number 1 Damon Salvatore played by Ian Somerhalder. From the show The Vampire Diaries.

Damon's character is of the bad seed, bad older brother to Stefan the broody cling to his humanity.
But when Damon starts to fall for Stefan's girlfriend it is him that begins to cling to some of him humanity when Stefan begins to lose his.

That's all for now

Hope you enjoyed.

Wednesday, 26 October 2011

Stupid Cat!

Hey Guys,

My friend was driving home from work on Monday, While we were having crazy rain, When she saw a cat.

But this was no ordinary cat. It was a crazy cat.

There is was sitting by itself, in the torrential rain. While there was a perfectly good shed nearby.

What did he have by way of shelter?? Well this crazy kitty had a crisp bag on it head.

Sitting straight up like this was totally normal! Lol.

I wish I had a picture to illustrate the randomness but alas I don't, But here is a similar situation.

Picture courtesy of Google Images.

Tuesday, 25 October 2011

OMG The Rain

Hey guys just a quick post,

This rain oh my god, My office is near the warehouse in work and the sound of the rain pelting of the galvanised roof is giving me a migrane.

It's sooooo loud.

That is all for now.

Monday, 24 October 2011

SOT 24/10/11

First of all an explanantion: SOT- Stuff of Today.

I used to do something very similar to this back in my school days and I was reminded of it today, so I thought why not! So every so often I will post one of these.

Let me know what you think.

Todays Mood:  Agitated

Annoyance of the Day:  Definitely the rain
Laugh of the Day:  Didn't have one today, Not one that I remember anyway.
Song of the Day:  I had the radio on but nothing really stuck.
Word of the Day:  Legitimate
Swear of the Day:  Shit

Last thing I ate:  Shepards Pie, Speaking of which I wan't Meanies
Last tv show watched:  Archer Season 3 Episode 3
Book I'm Reading:  One foot in the grave by Jeaniene Frost
Time of Removal from Bed this morning:  8:40am totally couldn't get out of bed.


TTAMT= Things That Annoyed Me Today,

Now as it is the first of these it's maybe a good idea to point out that, I am NOT a miserable SOB. Just sometimes things really irritate me.

Today it was the rain, Now don't get me wrong I actually don't mind the rain mostly, In fact if I got soaked on the way home from well anywhere it wouldn't bother me at all.

My thinking being that I can change when I get home.

In fact if I'm in a lazy mood sitting at home on the couch, I kinda like the sound of rain tapping on the windows.

What I don't like however is this torrential rain we are having today in Ireland.

I mean it rained heavy, all day, non stop.

It was so miserable.

If fact areas around my town are actually flooded.

And of course what happens when it rains, TRAFFIC.

I only live 10 minutes from work, but when it is raining it take up to double that time to get home.

Of course your mood can also affect your take on the rain, My mood today was anything but cheery, I wasn't in a bad mood but I was definately agitated.

Anyway baby rant suspended for now.


Hello World.......

Hey guys,

So after a VERY long, stressful day, it occurred to me, That it would be nice to have a place to vent!

Enter Little Mouse Ramblings Blog......

Here I will post random thoughts, observations and rants!

Most posts will be quite short but occasionally they may be long, I'm guessing mostly the rants.....

I'm also going to have a topics page that people can comment in and suggest topics to discuss our opinions on the  topic.

I think this page could end up being fun, Topics can be anything. Silly to Serious and even the odd.

Anyway stop by and we can discuss over a virtual cup of tea.

Insert picture of Virtual Tea................