Monday, 24 October 2011


TTAMT= Things That Annoyed Me Today,

Now as it is the first of these it's maybe a good idea to point out that, I am NOT a miserable SOB. Just sometimes things really irritate me.

Today it was the rain, Now don't get me wrong I actually don't mind the rain mostly, In fact if I got soaked on the way home from well anywhere it wouldn't bother me at all.

My thinking being that I can change when I get home.

In fact if I'm in a lazy mood sitting at home on the couch, I kinda like the sound of rain tapping on the windows.

What I don't like however is this torrential rain we are having today in Ireland.

I mean it rained heavy, all day, non stop.

It was so miserable.

If fact areas around my town are actually flooded.

And of course what happens when it rains, TRAFFIC.

I only live 10 minutes from work, but when it is raining it take up to double that time to get home.

Of course your mood can also affect your take on the rain, My mood today was anything but cheery, I wasn't in a bad mood but I was definately agitated.

Anyway baby rant suspended for now.


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