Thursday, 27 October 2011

SOT - 27/10/11

Todays Mood: Tired, Hard to unglue myself from bed the last few days,

Annoyance of the Day: Stack of work on my desk.
Laugh of the Day:Accidentally touching a sleeping Si's foot while getting ready for work, His whole body spasmed like i'd burnt him lol
Song of the Day: Moon River - Can't get it out of my head Thank you HART OF DIXIE
Word of the Day: Shenanigans
Swear of the Day: Shit

Last thing I ate: Popcorn
Last tv show watched: I watched a few but the one I recall most is Hart of Dixie with Hawaii Five-o a close second, Who doesn't love Wade(Hart of Dixie) and McGarrett(Hawaii Five-o) NOM. Especially in this weeks episode.
Book I'm Reading:One Foot in the Grave - Jeaniene Frost
Time of Removal from Bed this morning: 8:30am UCK

Overall thoughts for today: Is it bad that really want more Naps, So tired this week.

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