Wednesday, 26 June 2013

Thoughtful Mouse: Poll

I've been pretty up and down emotionally lately, Most will say you're a girl of course you're emotional, in part I agree but for the most part I am rarely emotional in public.

Lately I am almost attacking my emotional out bursts at people and I can't control it.

It is amusing thinking that the littlest thing can set it off and I am usually fine seconds later, for instance I have a girly night with friends a few weeks back and as most of you know I have always got on better with guys and have had almost exclusively male friends, However recently I accumulated some of the best and awesome friends of the female variety. We were all drinking and relaxing and chatting and I cried for no reason about 4 times.

It has been quite an adjustment getting used to be social and having quite to many good friends, friends who listen to you and acknowledge what you have to say, that don't disregard you being there as an extention of another person and who are genuine.

All that is besides the point, my question is how many of you guys have felt alone in a crowd despite loving your friends and the people who are around you?

Thursday, 20 June 2013

Healthy Mouse: Weight and Bloat loss

So in an effort to not be a lazy unhealthy bear, I have been eating better, less takeaways.
I also discovered I am intolerant to wheat/gluten and dairy amongst some others. I have a lot of mild allergies, nuts, cranberries etc so I have had to be careful.

Always less of the rambling I have update photos of my progress not great photos since I only decided to do this spur of the moment.

Here I am a year ago with my cousin June 2012

Here I am with my mom in Sept 2012

Here I am recently May/June 2013

Here they are lined up, this is what a bloated stone looks like. 

Yay me.

Monday, 17 June 2013

Thoughtful Mouse: Dealing with the epic highs and sinking lows.

So some things you need to know:

1) I am an emotional person.
2) I hate to feel vulnerable.
3) I use humour to deflect from situations I am uncomfortable with.
4) I can't stand it with people argue around me even if it is just a heated discussion.
5) I do not like large crowds.
6) Love to travel, Hate to fly.

There are others but we'll go with these for now.

I had a meltdown at the weekend, I was feeling good Friday and Saturday despite my week being a bit rubbish. Then all of a sudden out of the blue after seeing some statuses on Facebook, I snapped.

I couldn't breathe I was crying so hard. It came on so fast, all flooded in and swallowed me whole.

Luckily while this was happening I was alone because as you can see from number 2, I do not like to be seen or feel vulnerable. 40 Minutes later I was fine. Had there been people there I would have been worse and that 40 minute meltdown would have compounded. 2 hours later I would have been still in a heap blubbering on the floor.

I am curious to other peoples coping mechanisms, I always deal better with the stress of life on my own and once I am on the other side, then I may want the hugs.

Which is saying a lot since I do not like unnessecary touching.

So how do ya'll cope? Are you better alone or surrounded?

Tuesday, 11 June 2013

Fashion Mouse: Work appropriate shoes

So I am for the most part not a girly girl, Don't get me wrong I love makeup and nail polish but that is really wear it ends.

I can't go in for all this treatments for your hair, products for your face business. I just seems like a whole lot of effort for a sticky face. :)

The last few days have been lovely and I was so warm in work yesterday, I decided to wear 3/4 lenght trousers which in turn meant I had to wear shoes.

Let me clarify I generally wear my Vans to work, I love my Vans, I want more Vans, Perhaps all the Vans, but since I can't exactly get away with it with these trousers, enter shoes.

They are not awful shoes, they are ok shoes, but they slip on and off all the time.

However it was these or sand covered flip flops, So I will muddle through until later.

My question is this........Which is better comfy shoes or work appropriate shoes?

Monday, 10 June 2013

Food mouse: new discovery chilli, cream cheese and banana

So I discovered chilli rivitas the other day and with my dairy free cream cheese, bananas is just yummo.

A good cause

If ya'll are like me then you like some of the less "fluffy" pets as well as well the fluffy ones.

A friend of mine runs a reptile rescue mostly from his own pocket.

People treat these animals with such a lack of love and respect but he takes them in and makes them better and finds them new loving homes.

I am writing this post as I can't afford to home one of these wonderful creatures though I would love to I want to help out where I can.

Donations would be greatly appreciate as he does wonderful work.

Check out the website here  or on Facebook

A quick look on the Facebook page will show you how much love and care they are given in the rescue but they need your help. Please donate what you can and I will give you all


Thanks guys

New Chapter...........

Hi Guys,

I know it has been entirely too long since I posted but my life took a rather dramatic turn in the last year. I will try and keep this post brief since no one wants to listen to my ramblings unless you do then keep reading and thank you.

As some of you know I split from my long term boyfriend of almost six years early last year and though it was for the best and we are still friends, there were definitely some adjustments required.

I moved home and back in with my mother and as I get one very well with my mother this was completely ok.Everything was fine for awhile.

Enter big change two.

Then my mom moved to America, Don't get me wrong I love my mother and I am so very happy for her and her new husband but it was an adjustment too.Even when I lived with my ex I was still in the same town and never to far from her.

So I had to get used to lived and coping with things on my own.

Mostly this works out well but has meant cutting back on some of the more frivolous things I was buying to make myself feel better and also my tastes have changed. I used to stay in all the time and blog, buy stuff online and then blog about it and while this is totally fine, I was not interacting to well with the outside world.

I have always had a few friends but by no means and abundance of them and though I don't see them that often due to Life in general, (Girlfriends/Boyfriends/Work/Children etc) didn't mean that I had to lock myself away.

This continued when I was back home, I'd work and go home and Hermit Crab myself away from the world. There were times when literally the only times I left my room were to work, feed myself and use the bathroom facilities. This was not healthy but I didn't realise this. I left myself in my own little world safe from being hurt but ultimately making myself very very alone.

There are also some things you don't know about me, I have some issues, Phobias and such, makes it hard for me to allow people to get close, I have proximity issues, don't like large crowds, unnecessary touching, small spaces, feeling/looking weak and I have difficulty accepting help to name but a few.

Enter change three.

One of my friends I reacquainted with after my split introduced me to one of his friends who lived nearby in October last year and my life really hasn't been the same since.

Have you ever noticed that when you are with people you sort of repress parts of yourself, you don't even realise you do it until suddenly you are no longer part of a unit and it all comes flooding back.

I am, ladies and gentlemen, a big 'ol nerd. I love to game, I love comics. I like to RPG. I had forgotten all about this. I feel I got so caught up in my partners personality that I forgot I had one of my own.

I never realised how much I missed it until I started doing it all again.

So through this new and incredible awesome friend I have now made some and by some I do mean a lot of the most amazing people. There is rarely a weekend I don't have something fun or exciting to do.

Though money is extremely tight I have still manage to slowly build my comic collection something I haven't been able to do in a really long time, I can have girly nights which I've never done and I can be accepted for me.

Not me as an extension of another person, me as my own entity.

So as a result of this I am embarking on a new chapter of my life and though I love this blog and have had some great fun making these posts over the few years I blogged, I want to combine all my interests into one blog.

I want to be able to talk about makeup and looks as well as movies and comics.
Have little debates on thoughts of actors playing certain comic/game characters. Show my art and stuff that I make. Of course there will be rants too but what would a blog of mine be without some rants.

I want the new blog to be more "me" the single entity me and not the me by extension.

So will some of my much loved followers follow me on this journey?

I hope so, but if you decide it is not for you then that is cool too and I appreciate you since you were there when I felt my lowest even if I didn't realise it myself at times.

So thank you all.
Much love Sarah.

P.s  For those who want to embark on the adventure with me here is the new blog address.