Tuesday, 9 July 2013

My stomach is making the rumblies............

My stomach is making the rumblies...........
This is a reference to a funny Secret Agent Bob video. I'll link it if you haven't seen it. I think you should watch it, it is pretty funny. 

Basically over the last few weeks the urge to go on a murderous rampage has risen. Things are going wrong left right and centre,

This coupled with the Stupidity of some people makes me want to do various things with office supplies.

These have varying degrees of severity. Let me give you a for instance: some of them include:

  • Putting tacks on whatever they are about to sit on
  • Stapling them in the face
  • Strangling them with telephone cords
  • Breaking chairs over them
  • Stabbing with pencils etc.

When this happens I have two options, Give in and get arrested and subsequently imprisoned. (I am too pretty for that and with my pale skin there is no way I could pull off orange)


Go to one of my happy places. Now I have a few of these but I will share one!

Happy place:
Secluded beach on the most secluded small island of Hawaii, Little house/shack, never having to work. Having enough money to basically live out my days there with my ideal of a man (who i'll point out couldn't possibly exist but i'll come back to that) and read.  Just read forever.... Well read and have fun with my man. I am human after all.

Doesn't it sound like bliss?

Why the ideal man for me doesn't exist let me explain some of the main characteristics he has in my preference.

  • Tall
  • Green Eyed
  • Glasses
  • Nice Forearms
  • Funny
  • Smart
  • Redneck (Don't understand this ones but it has definitely become a thing in about the last year or so)

Now couple this with a three piece suit and boots....... *Melts

For fun I type out the following into google images and the first picture to come up.......

Now I'll point out Henry Cavill has blue eyes but I'll take it.
Also there was a little part of me hope the Google image search would break.

Here is what I typed.
"green eyed tall smart redneck with glasses and nice forearms"

It's been an interesting day. 

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  1. Good girl, go to your happy place. I say that to people and it works and so does smiling when you don't feel like it inside.
    Scientists have proven it - smiling gets others smiling and then they are nicer and you are nicer and suddenly you both 'feel' nicer and then you feel better...and...things are not so bad after all. x What an awesome person you are little mouse!!!