Wednesday, 21 August 2013

Bear News.

So it has been a few weeks,

I have been distracted by quite a lot of family drama and some social drama.

Plus my mother and my extended American family was visiting from The U.S. of A. It was great to see them again and was sad to see them leave but I am glad to had some time to myself again.
Spent the first week of their visit in Connemara, the west of Ireland, In what I have affectionately called the arse end of nowhere. Picturesque if you are looking to get away from it all, or spend some time with a special someone. Not so much if you are with a big chunk of your family and completely disconnected from your newly acquired group of friends, I mean the area the hotel was in (The bloody mountains, adjacent to the ocean) reception was non existent, Wifi pfft what wifi, ‘twas spotty at best. However bitching aside, it was for the most part enjoyable.

The American side met the Irish side finally, everyone seemed to get on with them which is good. I felt pretty on edge the whole time for my normal reasons, I always feel judged and there was so many people in a small area but despite that I muddled through.

Second week went better even if myself and my mom were at odds the first day of week two, normal mother daughter shenanigans, All is good. I drove them home last Friday. Took the scenic route home from Shannon Airport and by this I mean I dangermoused it and by that I mean, I guessed what way to go. Saw some of those pretty tree/road tunnels I like so much, Some funny small town names. One of which was BLUE BALL I kid you not. Drove past like 8 of these signs and NOT ONE PERSON had drawn the “S” on it. I weep for the youth of today, that is comedy gold.

Through all my stress at the moment and let me tell you it is considerable. I have been doing way better with coping with it, I won’t lie I cried at my mother with stress more than once over the last two weeks but I feel better for it. Stressed, but a calm stressed I can’t explain it any better than that.

Ate way too much while my mother was home so much that I actually put on like half a stone. I feel like an Elephant. It’ll be fine once I have been eating my normal food again, none of this rich business. Though I did have a rather fancy lunch on Sunday with friends, followed by a few drinks and an eventful bus journey home trying to avoid the drunk guy ahead of my friend and myself, he kept trying to make intellectual conversations. Quite funny.

People have been leaning on me for advice and a listening ear quite a bit the last week, which I find unusual but I can help so I do. I could always listen. I have two parents who talk a lot, people think I talk a lot but completely understand it after meeting either of my parents.

Other than that life is good. Friends have been super helpful to me lately, some more so than others and I am very grateful that they are still willing to put up with my shenanigans.

Ok then, for now, Bear Out.

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