Tuesday, 11 June 2013

Fashion Mouse: Work appropriate shoes

So I am for the most part not a girly girl, Don't get me wrong I love makeup and nail polish but that is really wear it ends.

I can't go in for all this treatments for your hair, products for your face business. I just seems like a whole lot of effort for a sticky face. :)

The last few days have been lovely and I was so warm in work yesterday, I decided to wear 3/4 lenght trousers which in turn meant I had to wear shoes.

Let me clarify I generally wear my Vans to work, I love my Vans, I want more Vans, Perhaps all the Vans, but since I can't exactly get away with it with these trousers, enter shoes.

They are not awful shoes, they are ok shoes, but they slip on and off all the time.

However it was these or sand covered flip flops, So I will muddle through until later.

My question is this........Which is better comfy shoes or work appropriate shoes?


  1. It depends on your work, sadly. If you're easily visible to customers, your boss will likely say "work appropriate!" But when your feet not happy, neither are you. I hope you can find a pair that suits both needs.

    When I worked, I wore Doc Marten heels, which are both comfy and work appropriate, as well as safe in my former work environment.

    1. Thanks Cin, it wouldn't be so bad if they didn't keep slipping off. I recently lost some weight, Heels slips off as do my rings, I can no longer wear them.